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Digitron Engineering B.V. produces systems for many different applications. For proper functioning process or machine, it often combines multiple disciplines for a good result. Depending on the size and complexity, one or more people are assigned to the project in order to minimize the lead time with usage of the best expertize. As a result, the customer is assured of persons with the right skills and insight are working on his project. All stages of design, programming, production and commissioning are carried out by own staff.


Many systems produced by Digitron Engineering find their way abroad. Therefore, mostly a service modem is used and in this way we can provide efficient service through internet to solve problems whenever they occur.

Projects and Applications

Projects -industrial automation Digitron Engineering B.V. Is an organization that works project-wide. In industrial automation this is a…
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Automation is an essential element in the industry. Nowadays, prices are under pressure and production has to be increased without…
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Panel construction

Digitron Engineering BV has a fully equipped workshop which is equipped with all the necessary equipment and tools. Whether it involves…
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In the world of automation engineering, technologies and legal requirement are constantly developing and changing at an ever increasing…
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Good service is essential for a production company. Through preventive maintenance the risk of unwanted downtime can already be reduced to…
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Because of the versatility of Digitron Engineering we have made a selection of the achieved projects.
From small projects to large…
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